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Rehoboth Beach, United States
1 Room, 1 Adult
Aug 17 - Aug 18

12 Best Rehoboth Beach Hotels - Jul 2019

# 1

Hyatt Place Dewey Beach

1301 Coastal Highway
based on 2732 reviews
# 2

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Rehoboth Beach

19113 Coastal Highway
based on 613 reviews
# 3

Driftwood Efficiency Motel

18282 Coastal Highway
Very Good
based on 389 reviews
# 4

The Breakers Hotel & Suites

105 Second Street
based on 1577 reviews
# 5

Summer Place Hotel

30 Olive Ave
Above Average
based on 846 reviews
# 6

Holiday Inn Express Bethany Beach

39642 Jefferson Bridge Road
based on 133 reviews
# 7

Holiday Inn Express Bethany Beach

39642 Jefferson Bridge Rd.
based on 1759 reviews
# 8

Villa at Bethany West

790B Salt Pond Circle
based on 17 reviews
# 9

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn by Marriott

99 Hollywood Street
based on 887 reviews
# 10

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn by Marriott

99 Hollywood Street
based on 85 reviews
# 11

Meris Gardens Bethany

33309 Kent Ave
based on 198 reviews
# 12

2306 Round Robin Way Townhouse

Your Travel Guide to Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach started as a meeting place, a sort of religious camp for devout Christians to enjoy the sea and gain inspiration from the sea’s grandeur. It was first settled in 1873, under the initiative of Reverend Robert W. Todd, and given the name “Rehoboth”, based on the Biblical verse: “Isaac moved on and dug another well. This time there was no dispute over it, so Isaac named the place Rehoboth (which means "open space"), for he said, "At last the LORD has created enough space for us to prosper in this land." (Genesis 26:22--New Living Translation).

Rehoboth Beach is presently a resort town that is small in terms of its population--but that allows it to emphasize quality over quantity: It has been voted as one of the beach locations with the highest water quality in the U.S.! Besides the pristine beach, you’ll notice that the main street, the Coastal Highway, leads from the beach area into the heart of Rehoboth Beach, lined with lots of stores and eateries along the way.

What are the Must-Do-s and See-s in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach and Nearby Amusement Parks

Of course, the biggest attraction when visiting the city of Rehoboth Beach is seeing the city’s beach itself! It has a reputation for being particularly clean--the grounds crew invests much effort in maintaining the cleanliness of the beach and boardwalk. Some activities on the water include swimming, surfing, boating, sailing, and deep sea fishing.

The Funland at Rehoboth Beach has rides appropriate for young children, youth, and thrill rides--21 rides in all. And new rides are added on occasion, such as the SuperFlip360.

If you’re looking for more attractions, there is the Midway Speedway Park a bit further inland, in the Aspen Meadows neighborhood of Rehoboth Beach. It includes a go-kart speedway, the White Water Mountain water park, miniature golf and more.There is also Jungle Jim’s seasonal water park--the largest park of its kind in Delaware! It has bumper boats, miniature golf, batting cages, water slides, separate pools for different ages and activities, and more.

Rehoboth Beach Museum

The Rehoboth Beach Museum has a curious collection of beach paraphernalia, which essentially charts the history of beach-going, what people wore to the beach in the past, and what pastimes they engaged in. There are sand pails, surfboards, bathing suits, and even archaeological artifacts. The museum hosts events over the course of the year, such as an Annual Needlework Exhibit, where local residents and visitors can submit their work. There are also classes, tours, and jamming sessions!

Indian River Life Saving Station

The Indian River Life Saving Station operated as a coast guard station, which operated from 1878 to 1921, and was then reopened until 1946. On nearby Dewey Beach, you’ll see a replica of the Life Saving Station (since the original structure was converted into a residence). There are various exhibits which recreate the experience of the average coast guard who was given the task of rescuing seafarers who suffered a shipwreck or other mishap. The rooms are illuminated by lanterns, instead of electric lights!

Performing Arts in Rehoboth Beach

A noteworthy institution in Rehoboth Beach is the Clear Space Theatre Company, which combines acting, art and art classes, and touring performances that visit other parts of Delaware and put on performances. They perform at the Clear Space Theatre, as well as in nearby Dover and Fenwick Island, and the performances include plays, musicals, and even one-person plays.

Delaware Seashore State Park

The Delaware Seashore State Park is a little further south of Rehoboth Beach, after Dewey Beach. It extends for 6 miles, and includes the Burton Island Nature Preserve, a loop trail, marsh land and more. It gives opportunities for windsurfing, sailing, hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Anna Hazzard Museum

The Anna Hazzard Museum has memorabilia from the formative, early years of Rehoboth Beach, and how it originated as a religious retreat. It is located in the house of Anna Hazzard, one of the first woman real estate brokers in Delaware. The museum is in a one-room tent house, much like the tent houses that were set up originally by Reverend Todd, the founder of Rehoboth Beach. The furniture inside is a combination of original furniture, as well as donations from local residents. The museum is open only during the summer months. It works in tandem with the Rehoboth Beach Museum, sharing holdings such as Anna Hazzard’s hymnbooks and other paraphernalia that are of historical interest.

When to Visit

The population of Rehoboth Beach is 1,300. But that swells to 25,000 during the summer months, with all the beach-goers. So it gets crowded in July-August. Visitors find that parking near the beach is almost impossible on a crowded day--it’s better to leave your car near the hotel and walk. (So hotels in the area of the beach are a big plus, such as the Atlantic Sands Hotel or the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel.) You can also try visiting in the spring or autumn, when the beach is less crowded.

Getting To and Around Rehoboth Beach

By Plane

The nearest airport to Rehoboth Beach is the Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport. It is 47.3 miles away from Rehoboth Beach, and a drive of 70 minutes long. American Airlines and Jet Air have flights to Salisbury from major East Coast cities.

If you’re looking for an airport that gets more service, there is the Baltimore-Washington International Airport or the Philadelphia International Airport. But they are at a distance of around 113 miles from Rehoboth Beach, and a drive of 2-2.5 miles.

Within Rehoboth Beach

During the spring and summer months, from May to September, there is the DART Beach Bus, connecting Rehoboth Beach with the surrounding areas. There also in the Jolly Trolley, connecting Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach. The Jolly Trolley runs a charter service during the rest of the year, from September to May.

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