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Mykonos, Greece
1 Room, 1 Adult
Aug 18 - Aug 19

12 Best Mykonos Hotels - Jul 2019

# 1

Mykonos Bay Resort & Villas

based on 1605 reviews
# 2

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

based on 1142 reviews
# 3

Ilio Maris

based on 533 reviews
# 4

Hotel Alkyon Mykonos Island

Ano Mera Peripheral Road Dexamenes
based on 682 reviews
# 5

Porto Mykonos

Mykonos Town Mykonos Town
Very Good
based on 910 reviews
# 6

Mykonos View Hotel

Main Street, Kaminaki City, 84600,
based on 801 reviews
# 7

Harmony Boutique Hotel

Mykonos Town Centre Mikonos Town
based on 834 reviews
# 8

Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge

Megali Ammos
based on 932 reviews
# 9

Leto Hotel Mykonos Island

Very Good
based on 699 reviews
# 10

Kouros Hotel & Suites

based on 523 reviews
# 11

Tharroe of Mykonos Boutique Hotel

based on 682 reviews
# 12

Mykonos Theoxenia Luxury Boutique Hotel

Kato Mili
based on 719 reviews

Your Travel Guide to Mykonos

Mykonos is the name of a Greek island, as well as the name of the largest city on that island. (The village of Mykonos will be referred to as “Chora” (=”The Country” or “The Town”) to distinguish it from the rest of the island.) It is a favorite tourist spot, owing to its mild climate throughout the year, with temperatures rarely going below 50 ℉ in the winter, and leveling off at around 86 ℉ in the summer. The city’s buildings are whitewashed, which gives it a unique, picturesque glow when the sunlight shines on the buildings. And the nightlife on Mykonos is especially noteworthy--even for Greece!

What are the Must-Do-s and See-s in Mykonos?

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos displays artifacts such as vases, statues, jewelry, and funerary urns from 2500 BC to 100 BC. It houses the oldest object of Greek art, the Mykonos Vase, which depicts scenes from the Trojan War--the Trojan Horse and the sack of Troy. The vase dates from the year 670 BC. There are also ornaments in the museum’s displays that have been dated to 7000 BC!

Folklore Museum

Mykonos also has a Folklore Museum, very close to the Old Port of Mykonos City. It has six exhibition halls displaying furniture, Byzantine art, hand-woven fabrics, model boats, traditional musical instruments and costumes, and more.

Aegean Maritime Museum and Lena’s House

In the center of Mykonos town, there is the Aegean Maritime Museum, displaying antique navigational instruments, maps and model ships, from ancient Greek vessels to present times. There are also displays of rare coins and even gravestones of sailors lost at sea. Near the Maritime Museum, you can find Lena’s House Folk Museum, which is maintained much in the condition that the owner, Lena Skrivanou, left the building in the 19th century, complete with courtyards and even a dovecote.

Little Venice

A section of Mykonos town near the Folklore Museum has earned the name “Little Venice”. It’s an area with waterfront bars and restaurants--since the access to these eateries is from the water, it reminds people of the canals of Venice. The buildings were originally fishing houses, built in the 18th century. The morning and afternoon hours are quiet, while the evening hours are quite bustling.

Old Port

The Old Port of Mykonos was the main port for boats coming to Mykonos Island, until 15 years ago. There is a SeaBus ferry that takes you from the new port in Tourlos to Mykonos Town. Tourlos is where most ferries and boats dock now, bringing tourists to Mykonos Island. The Porto Mykonos Hotel and the Harmony Boutique Hotel are in this area.

Windmills of Kato Mili

There are a row of seven windmills on the shore of Mykonos that were constructed on Mykonos in the 16th century, which utilized wind power to grind wheat. The windmills are called “Windmills of Kato Mili”, or “lower mills”, as opposed to the windmills further inland, at Ano Mera. One of the windmills--the Apono Windmill--serves as an outdoor agricultural museum, while the Boni Mill has been restored to full functionality, complete with a wood-burning oven. The row of windmills together are one of the iconic symbols of the island. The Mykonos Theoxenia Luxury Boutique and the Adonis Hotel are located near the Windmills and Little Venice.


Mykonos Island is famous for its lively beaches and beach clubs. The most noteworthy are Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, and Elia Beach--all on the south side of the island. The resorts in the beach areas also function as spas as well, offering therapeutic salt baths and body massages. Near Mykonos city, there are a number of beachfront hotels, on the Megali-Ammos Beach: Mykonos Bay Hotel, with an amazing view of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands, as well as the Myconian Naia, a five-star luxury hotel more in the city center.

Getting To and Around Mykonos

Mykonos Island International Airport

Mykonos has its own airport, with flights from Athens and Thessaloniki. There are also flights direct from nearby European cities: Rome, Venice, Madrid, and even London and Amsterdam.

Taxi and Shuttle Services

As for getting into the city from the airport, there are private taxis, as well as shuttles run by the major hotels in Mykonos. There is also a transit bus service as well, which takes you into Mykonos city in about 10-15 minutes.

By Ferry or Cruise Boat

Another option is to fly to Athens, and then take a ferry ride to Mykonos Port. (Note: Mykonos Port is 2.5 kilometers further north, in the city of Tourlos. Mykonos is a short drive along the coast.) There are ferries from the Athens suburb of Piraeus, as well as from the city of Rafina. The ferry ride can vary from a little over 2 hours to as much as 5 hours in duration, depending on the route and type of ferry. There are hydrofoils that make the trip more quickly than the standard ferries. There are also cruise boats that tour many Greek islands, with Mykonos being one of the stops.

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